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Additional Services

  • Copywriting

    Our team of trained and experienced copywriters are ready now to begin drafting your audio scripts for radio, TV, Cinema, internet, telephone, whatever. So send your brief and ask for a quote. Simple!

  • Translation

    So many languages. So little time. No problem! We provide translation services and professional male and female voice artists to record your messages in any modern language. Ask and we'll deliver.

  • Studio Hire

    Our own state-of-the-art digital voiceover studios are for hire at surprisingly low rates. Ask for a free quote. We'll include access to our vast music and sound effects libraries and the services of our talented producer/engineers.

  • Audio Hardware

    We recommend our MOH1200 as the most reliable external player for Messages On Hold on your phone system. To play In Store Music and Messaging programs choose the SC 2000 Audio Player. Ask for more details.

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